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Louis Vuitton Oulett(LOUIS VUITTON), referred to as LV, is a French luxury brand from Paris, a hundred years ago . The history of France 's most outstanding leather designer Louis Vuitton in 1854 in Paris, opened in his own name the first suitcase shop . A century later, Louis Vuitton luggage and leather goods to become one of the best areas of the brand , and become a symbol of high society . LV leather goods boutique can be classified as one of the top brand leather goods , in addition to which there are all kinds of purses , men and women, scarves , pens , watches and so on. LV insist on doing their own brand, over the past century has been to advocate refined, quality, and comfortable "travel philosophy" to become recognized as the world's top brands. Basic Information Company Name Louis Vuitton MoetHennessyLouisVuitton Headquarters location France Founded 1854 Business High-grade leather production Founder Louis Vuitton Outlet (LouisVuitton) Directory

1 Introduction

2 Founding History

3 Louis Vuitton Outlet

1 Introduction

Louis Vuitton Outlet LV is a hundred years ago from Paris, France , abbreviated as "LV", was translated into, " Louis Vuitton Outlet ." LV leather goods boutique can be classified as one of the top brand leather goods , in addition to which there are all kinds of purses , men and women, scarves , pens , watches and so on. Now design director is Marc Jacobs. LV insist on doing their own brand, stick to the brand spirit , to do different things , to provide a true cultural things, over the past century has been to advocate refined, quality, and comfortable "travel philosophy" to become recognized as the world 's top brands.

2 Founding History

Louis Vuitton ( August 4, 1821 -1892 February 27, 2009) , was born in eastern France, Franche-Comte province . Luxury brand Louis Vuitton , founder of the fashion industry 's most outstanding masters of fashion design . 1837 LouisVuitton to Paris for the elite packing , in 1852 created a flat square leather case, after being elected Queen of the Queen manual labor, from high society to get involved . He was in Paris in 1854 opened his own name the first suitcase shop . Louis Vuitton Outlet luggage gray canvas cladding is the first , in 1896 , Louis Vuitton 's son George, the father of the abbreviated name of L and V with the flower pattern , design today is still renowned monogram printed on canvas (MonogramCanvas) styles. From the initial design to the present, India has "Louis Vuitton Outlet" signs of this unique pattern monogram canvas bag , along with a wealth of legendary and elegant design and become a fashion classic .Louis Vuitton Outlet Online On Sale. In 1992, Vuitton Outlet debut in China , opened its first store in mainland China Peninsula Hotel in Beijing. Louis Vuitton February 1998 , Louis Vuitton, the world 's first flagship store opened in Paris , then the second also opened in London's Bond Street . The same year in August and September , third and fourth respectively flagship store opened in Osaka, Japan and New York, USA . Each store 's business scope includes Louis Vuitton luggage traditional family , Louis Vuitton latest clothing line for men and women come and women shoes . In 1999, Louis Vuitton opened in Hong Kong, The Landmark , Central, a flagship store , covering two floors , a total of 6,600 square meters, the store offers the Vuitton Outlet line of high-quality leather goods, including luggage, travel bags , leather handbags, small leather goods , pens and new men and women fashion and shoes series, also offers private leather customized services


Not long ago, is located in the mountains of central France Louis Vuitton Outlet new factory completed , it will be the luxury brand's expansion of the production team of 70 people , but for the productivity of the entire brand , this is like a bucket of water drip , annual sales of the brand is five billion euros , in France alone, there are 3,500 leather , leather handbags products category employees. Louis Vuitton Outlet strategy is to maintain business operations through small batch production , the plant is only part of it. The size of the company shows that it undeveloped areas less than its competitors.Louis Vuitton Outlet Online On Sale. The company's CEO Yves Carcelle said: " Our problem is how to develop without diluting their own image while ." Unlike mass consumer brands , luxury brands must maintain a unique temperament. Louis Vuitton Outlet is now close to the limit . Although it has priced the sale of limited edition serves thousands of euro package , but thousands of women have is its iconic brown and gold letters bag and wallet. The company is also considering to release a perfume , a lot of high-end women's fashion houses are using this product to attract a lot of customers. Louis Vuitton Outlet , said this perfume sold only in their stores , rather than in department stores selling all kinds of perfumes and perfume shop. In the luxury goods industry , the brand has a special status . Analysts expect sales than its competitors such as Gucci majority of one billion euros . Louis Vuitton Outlet productivity growth in recent years means approaching the limit, the company has 17 manufacturing men bags , Louis Vuitton handbags and accessories factories in France 12 , in addition, there are three in Spain, two home in California . Last year inventory of slow- selling Louis Vuitton , so it closed some stores in France . The company manufactures zippers only originals in Asia. For each step of production , Louis Vuitton will analyze the possible benefits. Carcelle said shoe factory in Italy , we see a robot being charged the amount of foot shoe foot model , rather than the workers in the shoe back and forth between the work area and walking . Use robots can save a lot of time . Louis Vuitton has developed a computer program to help cut skin personnel after receiving surface of leather identify flaws . The program determines where to start cut leather , this process greatly reduces the waste of leather . Louis Vuitton has always been known for high quality , but the work is not all mechanic living . In fact, last year, it has two ad shoot workers doing manual labor , but was banned by Britain's advertising monitoring , they think that would be misleading to consumers. In Marsaz, skilled workers are busy training a large number of newcomers . Only a few people have experience in footwear , while others do not have the experience of working in the factory , some people used to be a barber , dog trainer or dental model maker. Plant managers said he expects ingenuity, to participate in collective work and energetic applicants, prior experience is not a prerequisite or without sewing .